== Mounting an image ==
	we can mount an image with qemu-nbd after loading the nbd module into the kernel
	`modprobe nbd max_parts=8`
	`qemu-nbd -connect=/dev/nbd0 /path/to/qcow2image`
	`mount /dev/nbd0p5 /mnt`
	to unmount
	`umount /dev/nbd0p5`
	`qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd0`
== NetBSD ==
	It is possible to mount and run a .luks encrypted drive
	since qemu supports it. This means migrating from any luks
	encrypted partions is easier than one would expect
== Resizing ==
	To resize an image, we have to resize both the backing file and the active overlay/snapshot
	file with `qemu resize file.qcow2 +nG` where `n` is the number in GB we want to extend the
	disk with.
	Then, inside the VM, we have to issue `parted /dev/sdX`, which will fix the GPT (if any).
	Then we issue `resizepart N +G` to resize the partition we want to extend. `N` represents
	the number in the table and `n` is the number of GB we want to extend by.
	After that, we exit parted. Then we issue `resize2fs /dev/sdXn` where `X` is the letter of the drive
	and `n` is the partition we whish to convert to the filesystem